OpenDiver aims to become a cross-platform SCUBA dive-log & dive-planning application. The goal is to focus on data exchange, I.e. the target of the project is to support a wide variety of Dive Computers and other dive-log data formats. This should allow OpenDiver to become the one, universal dive S/W required by a SCUBA diver -- no matter whether novice or pro.
Targeted computer platforms to be supported by OpenDiver are at least:
- Windows 32bit (XP, 2000, ...)
- Windows CE (aka PocketPC)
- Mac OS X
- Mac OS Classic
- Linux
- Un*x versions that can support gtk+ (Solaris, OpenBSD and more)


OpenDiver is currently in a planning stage. There are discussions ongoing about the design & feature set of the application. If you are interested in helping to shape OpenDiver, we would very much appreciate if you get in touch with the developers through the below mentioned mailing list.


If you'd like to get in touch with the developers of OpenDiver, please post a mail to the OpenDiver Developers List . If you would prefer to monitor the project for future releases, you may subscribe to the OpenDiver Announcements List. End-user support will be available through the OpenDiver Users List.


The OpenDiver project has not yet released any files. You may go to the SourceForge Project Page to get files directly out of CVS.


Some ides and concept views of possible logos.







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